Unlock the Full Potential of Liquidity Pools

What does it include?

Tap into cutting-edge analytics of concentrated liquidity pools, enabling smarter, data-driven decisions that can significantly enhance your portfolio’s performance.

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The Ultimate DeFi Assistant

Research new opportinities key metrics specific pools market data

Utilize the power of AI to research the best opportunities across all markets and direct all your queries to Rocky to transform them into quick and updated answers

Top Recomendations for your LPs

Optimal capital rotation

Discover optimal liquidity pools with our Recommendation Engine. Get tailored suggestions, real-time updates, and detailed analytics to maximize yields and optimize capital rotation effortlessly

Advanced Charts with Key Data

Decisive Info in Seconds

Streamline your decision-making with recommended ranges, potential yield, and weekly TVL and APR trends. Enhance your analysis and optimize your investments effortlessly

Early Access to New Opportunities

No LP off your radar

Explore the latest opportunities emerging in token launches, emerging dex liquidity pools and lesser-known blockchains for untapped potential. Always be one step ahead of other liquidity providers.

& More Features Coming Soon


Track new types of opportunities, such as lending, vaults, farms, etc


Follow the performance of your favorite LPs on the same site


Receive alerts on your positions, recommendations, opportunities and much more

Custom charts

Select what your really want to see in the dashboard

Get extra Metric Time Money

MΓ©tricas clave (mejor recom)

Guarda tus pools favoritas

Early access a nuevos dexes


And who knows, perhaps much more ... πŸͺ‚